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ULPA Filtration Furnishings
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Garrison Architects and Renz + Oei Fabrication Studio are offering a series of ULPA filtration furnishings to assist in the ongoing battle against the Covid 19 virus. This series integrates an Ultra Low Particulate Air (ULPA) filter and fan into a table base or free standing column for restaurant, conference, work station, general space, and elevator cab use. ULPA filters are certified to remove particles down to .1 microns which is the reported size of the Covid Virus.

The conference and restaurant tables are designed to draw air toward the center of the table, filter it, and return it at the floor. The filter designed for elevators and rooms draws air at its top and returns it at the floor. Both use 205 CFM variable speed fans.

The filter moves 205 cubic feet per minute (CFM) and is capable of filtering the air in a typical elevator cab approximately once everyone and half a minute. It can filter the air surrounding tables placed ten feet apart approximately every five minutes. For comparison, hospitals typically require the air in a patient room to be changed every ten minutes.

It should be noted that these devices will not capture all airborne contaminants in every part of a room or eliminate the risk of Covid 19 infection.

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