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Indigo Hotel
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Architecture/Hospitality/Modular Projects
90,300 sf
St. Thomas, USVI
Polcom Group LTD

The Indigo Hotel is designed to complete the Master Plan for Yacht Haven Grande by creating a vibrant pedestrian street between St. Thomas’s cruise ship terminal and the shops and restaurants serving the marina and cruise ship passengers.

The Yacht Haven Grand Marina is the principal yacht marina in the region and is a point of departure for long excursions throughout the Caribbean. The hotel will cater to tourists, crews and passengers using the marina to explore St. Thomas and the surrounding islands.

The design reflects the clean, modern lines of contemporary yachts with rooms designed to provide unobstructed views of the marina and the sea. A modern interpretation of the traditional island louver is calibrated to control the intense sun found in the Caribbean latitudes while minimizing cooling loads and related energy costs. Interior finishes include terrazzo tile and honey colored wood veneers. Rooftop canopies provide shade, solar power, and protection from the intermittent rain that is part of the island’s ecosystem.

The construction method utilizes completely integrated off-site, modular prefabrication. This delivery method reduces the costs and delays associated with island construction efforts. The project schedule is further shortened by allowing simultaneous construction of site work and modules. The finished guest room modules will be rapidly assembled on top of a single story prefabricated steel podium. Site work and finishes are completed in the field to give the assembly a cohesive appearance. A central stair services all floors and makes the rooftop spaces accessible from the lobby. Back-of-house programs are contained within the podium and supplemented with space in neighboring buildings.

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