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Milan Case Study House
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Architecture/Homes/Modular Projects
2,000 sf
Milan, NY
Catskill Case Study
In progress

The Case Study program is intended to create affordable and technically advanced homes with an intimate relationship to nature. While the legacy of these homes is in mid-century modernism their comfort, environmental considerations and energy performance are state of the art. They are designed to create an immersive connection with the landscape, weather, and seasons. To take advantage of the economies of production these houses are constructed from factory produced modules that can be configured to suit a variety of family sizes and living arrangements. The Milan Case Study house utilizes two modules containing the living room and three bedrooms while additional bedrooms, family room, studio and shop modules that can be added at the time of construction or in the future.

The Case Study houses are designed to touch the earth as lightly as possible; and are planned to minimize the footprint while maximizing light and views. The entrance to the houses is anchored to the earth and defines an entrance courtyard while the principle living rooms project over the surrounding landscape. The modules are joined by site-built connectors. Like ligaments, these spaces allow flexibility for various site and programmatic conditions. The ligaments also allow the factory modules to be calibrated to maximize light and views, while minimizing the actual footprint on the landscape.

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