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OEM Emergency Housing Prototype - Planning Study in Redhook Brooklyn
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Brooklyn architecture firm Gans&Co (https://www.gansandco.com) in cooperation with Pratt Institute SOA completed a study which envisions how Garrison Architects designed OEM Post-Disaster Housing Prototype could be deployed in Redhook, Brooklyn, an area that flooded severely during hurricane Sandy.

The goal was to find out how we can respond differently in the future to help entire neighborhoods shelter in place or return quickly and sustain their community.

In addition, the studies tested out different scales of site and different kinds of housing possible using the infinitely flexible OEM modules.

Image 1 features the “Super Block”, a complex block site type located on high ground, near the largest social institutions in Red Hook. (credits: Chin Lau + Valerie Bustos)

Image (2),

Image 2 features "Prepared Ground", the creation of a temporary super block of clustered housing and an open field prepared for water management infrastructure. (credits: David Martinez)

You can find more about the study here: https://www.gansandco.com/interim-housing

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