We've been working on a really exciting project with the City University of NY--Lehman College in the Bronx's new and improved day care center. The building is finally complete and all ready for the program to move in, so we took a trip up there a few weeks ago to take a look.
About the project:The concept for the new Child Care Center was derived from the intention of the College to add a Child Care Center between two existing Campus Buildings (Shuster Hall to the North and Davis Hall to the South) while using modular pre-fabricated building units to minimize campus disturbance during construction. The project aims to create a long-term building solution to the accommodate the child care program using modular units, while adding to the architectural and urban quality of the Lehman College campus.
In order to accommodate campus circulation and egress from neigbhoring existing buildings and to maximize sunlight, the project incorporates a central lobby with program spaces directly to the East and West. Reception and multipurpose spaces directly adjacent to the Central Lobby space allow the receptionist to visually control the main pedestrian circulation and multi-functional use of the lobby.
The project is approximately 12,000 square feet, with roughly half of that space devoted to instructional rooms. Six classrooms and a multi-purpose room provide capacity for 140 children attending full-time.